2014 Hispanic Heritage Awards Henry R. Muñoz III

The Hispanic Heritage Awards were established by The White House in 1987 to commemorate the creation of Hispanic Heritage Month in America. The Hispanic Heritage Awards are considered among the “highest honor for Latinos by Latinos” and recognize notable Latinos who have made a positive impact on America, and the world, in various fields.

The 2014 Hispanic Heritage Awards in the Leadership category, sponsored by Univision and Fusion Network, was awarded to Henry R. Muñoz III.

Henry R. Muñoz III is leading a rising discourse on the imprint of Latino identity on American society throughout history that is poised to move front and center in the 21st Century, as Latino Americans converge at the center of politics and the economy. At a critical juncture in the lead up to President Obama’s reelection in 2012, Muñoz, a businessman, designer, activist, producer, opinion leader and philanthropist, teamed up with actress Eva Longoria to found the Futuro Fund, to ensure that Latino voices in critical states and nationwide were being heard and their votes both fought for and counted.

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